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Block Board Plywood

Block Board Plywood

These are made of excellent quality of plantation timbers. Logs are quarter sawn into planks using SDR method, which are chemically treated and well seasoned before converting into battens in a multiple ripsaw . Battens are sandwiched between two glued mechanically dried veneers and are pressed in hot press under accurate temperature and pressure.

Quality sawing of logs and proper seasoning of planks make it dimensionally stable and treatment of planks, poisoning of glue line and preservative treatment of finished block board make Black cobra durable and sofa against borers.


  • Cabinets
  • Almirah and other furniture door partitions
  • shelves and other interior applications; roofing
  • fencing and other external applications


S.No. Test ISI Requirement Test Result
1 Moisture Contents 5-15% 8%
2 Glue Shear Strength in dry condition a)Individual 1100 Newton
b)Average min. 1350 Newton
1470 Newton
1710 Newton
3 Glue Shear Strength in wet condition
Adhesion of Piles (Knife test)
a)Individual 800 Newton
b)Average min. 1000 Newton
1370 Newton
1560 Newton
4 Glue Shear Strength mycological test
Adhesion of Piles (Knife test)
a)Individual 800 Newton
b)Average min. 1000 Newton
1350 Newton
1590 Newton
5 Tensile Strength

a. Parallel to grain direction
b. Right angle to grain direction
c. Sum of both direction
Min. 32.5 N/mm² 70.5 N/mm²
Min. 22.5 N/mm² 63.0 N/mm²
Min. 65.0 N/mm² 133.5 N/mm²
Paarallel to grain direction
Perpendicular to grain
8000 N/mm²
4000 N/mm²
9563 N/mm²
7275 N/mm²