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Decorative Plywood

Decorative Plywood

Black Cobra Decorative Plywood are processed in such a way that offers excellent surface for glass and matt polishing to suit the applications like paneling and furnishing. Black cobra products add on exclusive touch to the interiors. Manufactured from selected core and fine teak veneers, bonded with phenol formaldehyde resin, Black Cobra decorative conforms to IS: 1328 standards that give a complete feeling of getting the dream come true designs.

Black Cobra’s well chosen veneers, display a kind of expression that has a strong aesthetic appeal. Anti borer, termite resistance and other characteristics are of course present in every inch of Black Cobra decorative Plywood.

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Test Requirement of IS 1659 Interior/Exterior Test Result
Moisture Contents 5-15% 8%
Change caused by humidity Not more than ± 1mm Less than 0.6mm
Adhesion of Ply Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
Water Resistance 3 Hours at 60°C± 2°C Good
Resistance to Microorganism (Mycological Test) One Cycle of 21 days No sign of seperation at the edges
Avg. N/mm²
Min. Ind N/mm²
5200/6010 N/mm²
4500/5000 N/mm²
Avg. N/mm²
Min. Ind N/mm²
50/62 N/mm²
42/48 N/mm²