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Fire Rentardent Plywood

Fire Rentardent Plywood

Black Cobra fireproof ply has low flammability and creates ‘ No smoke generation “. It resists fire ignition and surface penetration. It is total non- hygroscopic and does not corrode. It can be machine cut with ordinary tools. Black Cobra Ply is treated with three stages preservationfor deeper penetration. It also resists fungi, termites borers and dimensionally stable in adverse environment. It is a product with low additional cost and extreme benefits.


  • Room and wall lining
  • Vehicle bodies / Interiors
  • Exhibitions stalls
  • Boiler houses
  • Auditoriums
  • Railway coaches
  • partition paneling
  • Kitchens
  • Public food stalls


S.No. Test ISI Requirement Test Result
1 Dimensions & Squareness Length +0/mm
width +/0mm
Thickness +1mm
Squareness : not more than
1mm per 500 mm length
2 General flatness 6mm 2.0mm
3 Local Planeness 0.5mm 0.2mm
4 Impact indentation 0.2mm 0.10mm
5 Flexure Test Max. Deflection 5mm Max. Deflection 3mm
6 Edge Loading Test Residual Reflection 0.5mm Lateral buckling 2mm Residual Reflection .25mm 1mm
7 Shock Resistance Tests should withstand 5 impacts Can withstand 10 impacts
8 Misuse Tests No permanent Deformation of the fixing No permanent Deformation
9 End immersion Tests No Delamination No Delamination
9 End immersion Tests No Delamination No Delamination
10 Knife/Glue Adhesive Test Pass Standard Excellent
11 Screw Withdrawl 1000N 1800N
12 Slamming Tests No visible Damage after 50 Drops No Damage
13 Buckling Test Pass Standard Excellent